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Weekend Adventures

That’s right! My fiance, Matt, and I went to Morro Bay this weekend, and realized that everything closes in the afternoon, haha. We had fun though, checked out some touristy shops and had a great dinner. Sometimes you just need to have a mini-vaca to relax from the week. We hadn’t been to dinner since moving to the central coast, so it was nice to go out again. We still miss all of our favorite restaurants in Long Beach, but we are trying to find new places to make a new routine here. Glad we tried Morro Bay; they have tons of restaurants to choose from. We will probs be back soon!

Also on the weekend adventures list were these:

Football and homemade guacamole!! Matt makes the BEST guac I have ever tasted!!! He is truly a talented cook. He usually makes it every weekend, but we’ve been having some difficulty lately finding ripe avocados. Not this weekend!! He made an extra-large batch and we had it for lunch. Delish!!

What did you do this weekend?

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